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LonMark has thrived for 25 years; first as an international, unincorporated organization (in 1994); originally named the LonMark Interoperability Association. Over that time, LonMark and its member companies created 97 functional profiles (specs that describe industry-specific functions) and certified around 500 interoperable products.  Thousands of LonMark certified products are installed in commercial buildings, buses, mass-transit systems, industrial plants, and other environments worldwide.

Demand for open, interoperable products is stronger than ever before.  Yet, the market remains in its infancy and even more can be done to bolster awareness and demand for open systems.  Competition, resistance to change and a global recession have challenged the market potential.

LonMark International, the California-registered, non-profit successor to the original, unincorporated Association, was created 16 years ago, in 2003, to embrace the changing needs of its members and compete more-effectively in the global marketplace.  The organization encourages regional LonMark Affiliate organizations worldwide.  Each Affiliate promotes open, interoperable systems to their local markets, addressing unique geographic, demographic, cultural, and language requirements.  This strategy allows LonMark International to create value-added products and services to help each Affiliate develop their local markets.



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  About Us

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