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Board of Directors

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Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems, Inc.


Matthias Lurkens, Gesytec, GmbH

Executive Committee:

Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems, Inc. (Chair)
Matthias Lürkens, Gesytec, GmbH (Vice Chair)
Alan Slabodkin, Western Allied (Secretary)
Rich Blomseth , Echelon Corporation (Member at Large)
Toshirou Tomita, LonMark Japan (Member at Large))
Ron Bernstein, LonMark International (CEO)

Sponsor Representatives:

Rich Blomseth, Echelon Corporation

Americas Representatives:

Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems, Inc.
Earl Grey, Honeywell
Alan Slabodkin, Western Allied

Asia/Pacific/Japan Representatives:

Katsuhiro Moizumi, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Toshirou Tomita, LONMARK Japan
Michael Ng , AMKO SOLARA Lighting Co., Ltd.

Europe/Middle-East/Africa Representatives:

Matthias Lürkens, Gesytec, GmbH
Daniel Zotti Occitaline
Rudolf von StokarWirepas

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