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Committee Members

Executive Committee:
Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems, Inc. (Chair)
Matthais Lurkens Gesytec (Vice Chair )
Alan Slabodkin Western Allied (Secretary)
Rich Blomseth Echelon (Member at Large)
Toshirou Tomita, LonMark Japan (APJ Rep.)
Ron Bernstein , LonMark International (Staff)

Finance Committee:
Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems, Inc. (Chair)
Alan Slabodkin, Western Allied
Matthias Lurkens, Gesytec
Sharon Calcagno, LonMark International
Ron Bernstein , LonMark International

LonMark Standards Committee:
Established technical direction of the organization.
Matthias Lurkens, Gesytec (Chair)
Hiroaki Tanaka, Chiyoda Keiso Co., Ltd.
Earl Grey, Honeywell
Rudolf von Stokar, Wirepas
Daniel Zotti, Occitaline
Rich Blomseth, Echelon Corporation
Ron Bernstein, LonMark International
Ernst Eder, LonMark International

Technical Advisory Committee:
Reviews proposed new standards for inclusion in LonMark Guidelines
Ernst Eder, LonMark International (Chair)
Hiroaki Tanaka, Chiyoda Keiso Co., Ltd.
Rich Blomseth , Echelon Corporation
Richard Ask, Schneider Electric

Marketing Committee:
Establishes marketing direction and reviews opportunities for the organization.
Tracy Markie, Engenuity Systems
Michael Ng, Amko Solara
Daniel Zott - Occitaline
Toshirou Tomita, LonMark Japan
Katsuhiro Moizumi, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Henny Wieland, LonMark International
Shannon Mayette, LonMark International - Secretary

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  About Us

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