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LonMark® International Awards for the Year 2017


The 2017 LonMark International Awards recognizes products, projects, individuals, and programs that are leading the industry in innovation and accomplishment. Awards will be given for the following categories:

Nominations were are open to any individual or company, and nominees need not be present to win.

Each category has a set of criteria by which nominations are judged. The LonMark International Board of Directors evaluates the nominees based upon defined criteria for each category. Decision of the board is final. Each participating board member is given one vote per category.

Winners will be announced in a press release to be distributed at the 2018 AHR Expo in Chicago, IL, USA. Winners will also be highlighted in the LonMark International Magazine to be distributed by mail and at various events throughout the year.

Multi-Vendor Project of the Year

The Multi-Vendor project is accepting nominations in two separate categories this year:

  1. Large Campus Integration (recognizing the best medium-to-large single installation)
  2. Small/Repeatable Solution (recognizing integrators with multipule installations such as retail, banking, restaurant chains)
  • A winner will be selected from each category.

Nominations will be judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Degree of openness of the system consisting of the following elements
    • Use of LonMark International Certified products
    • Use of integrated system components
    • Openness of all five areas of the system: Devices, Infrastructure, Tools, User Interface, and Enterprise Connectivity
  • Benefit of LON® for the end user
    • Competitive bidding
    • Value of integrated system
    • Energy efficiency achieved
    • Maintenance and Operational efficiencies
    • Unique control strategy
    • Overall project scope
    • Unique application of LON towards system integration benefiting the project and the industry

Past Award Recipients

Certified Device of the Year

Innovation and inspiration are the cornerstones of continued growth for any industry. New products and solutions help foster new ideas and applications.

Nominations will be judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Adherence to LonMark International Guidelines
  • Device must be LonMark Certified at time of nomination
  • Must adhere to the spirit of open interoperability
  • Uniqueness of product application
  • Solution to industry problem or issue

  • Special consideration will be given to:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Industry best practice solution
    • Sustainable design principles

Past Award Recipients


Industry Visionary of the Year

People make this industry thrive. There are many leaders that are dedicating their efforts towards continued progress and for the benefit of all. This award is annually presented to the individual who exemplifies the attributes of a true visionary.

Nominations will be judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Leadership role in LonMark International or local LonMark Affiliate

  • Industry support through public appearances, seminars, discussion groups
  • Publication of articles in the LonMark International Magazine and other trade media
  • Delivering on the concepts of LON, open and interoperability
  • Special consideration will be given to nominees who demonstrate the principles of industry stewardship and the implementation of these principles in their own lives and businesses

Past Award Recipients


Questions? Please contact marketing@lonmark.org for more information.

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