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LonMark® Certified Professional Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relate to the LonMark Certified Professional Program.  For general questions related to LonMark, please read the general FAQs.

If you have a general question related to LonMark that is not addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, send your question to testing@lonmark.org.

What is the LonMark Certified Professional Program?

This program has been created to establish a core competency and proficiency standard for industry professionals.  It was developed in response to the industry requests for more highly qualified individuals and a need for a method to establish valid credentials. 

Why is LonMark offering this program?

LonMark International (LMI) has been involved in product standards creation and certification since its inception in 1994.  This program is a natural extension of requests coming from many industry supporters for a set of standards for personnel involved in the LONWORKS® controls-networking industry.  There are many companies claiming to be experts in LONWORKS® systems but until this program, there was no practical way of establishing proficiency.  This certification program helps to create a competent, qualified team of professionals worldwide with the same standards of excellence. 

Who should take the test and become certified?

Any industry professional involved in the design, specification, integration, or installation of LONWORKS® control networks (the ISO/IEC 14908-series of standards). 

Where can I take the test?

Testing centers have been set up around the world where any individual can take the test in a supervised, professional environment.  A listing of testing centers and schedules can be found here.

What study materials are available?

The LonWorks® Installation Handbook is the primary study book recommended for the LonMark Certified Professional Exam.  It is currently in English and in German.  It can be purchased through LonMark Germany (www.lonmark.de), from Engenuity Systems (www.engenuity.com), or directly from LonMark International.  Additional study materials are available on the LonMark International web site.  See the Resources link for recommended material.

What is the cost for taking the test?

If the exam is taken at a CASTLE Testing Center, the cost is USD 375 per person for non-LonMark members and USD 325 for LonMark International Members.  If the exam is taken at a LonMark Authorized Test Center, the cost is USD 300 per person for non-LonMark members and USD 250 for LonMark International Members.  Group discounts are available for organizations* wishing to certify a team of people, based on the following schedule:

  • 5-9 people** — 5% discount
  • 10-19 people** — 7% discount
  • 20-49 people** — 10% discount
  • 50+ people** — 15% discount

* organization must be a current LonMark Associate, Partner or Sponsor member to qualify.  Discounts are only valid at a LonMark Authorized Test Center; not a CASTLE Testing Center.

** pre-paid vouchers will be issued, and must be used with 6-months of issuance. 

Please see Voucher and Payment Policy- LonMark International for more details on payment and cancellation policy.

Contact LMI for more details.

How do I register for the test?

Test candidates can register online at www.lonmark.org/testing.  Examinees must provide basic contact information, select the test center location, exam date and payment method.  Registration is confirmed once payment is received.  The online registration site will accept most major credit cards.  It is also possible to pay via wire transfer by contacting LMI directly.

What is the test format?

The test is given in a supervised environment and is a multiple-choice test consisting of 150 questions.  Each question is given along with four possible correct answers.  One of the answers is correct; the other three are incorrect.  The examinee must select the correct answer.  The exam must be completed in less than 3 hours.

What are my options if I fail the test the first time?

An examinee may take the exam a maximum of 3 times.

If taking at a Castle Test Center, the fee is the same as for the original exam at the Castle Test Center.

The fee for re-taking the test is USD 75 if taking at a LonMark Test Center. Please note that you must contact LonMark prior to registering in order to obtain the re-take voucher.

What are the requirements and procedures?

Testing centers are authorized by LonMark International to offer and proctor the LMI exams.  Testing centers must be members of LonMark International at the Associate, Partner, or Sponsor level.  A testing center must have ample space and an open internet connection for examinees.  A trained and certified exam proctor will be provided by the testing center and administer the test.  In order to become a certified exam proctor an online training class must be taken and verified by LMI.  Exam proctors are responsible for ensuring valid tests are given and that each individual has taken their own exam without help from others or from study materials. For further details, please submit the Test Center Application or contact us.

How can I prepare for the Certified Professional Exam?

LonMark offers several ways to prepare for the exam. You can attend a regularly scheduled training course or arrange for an on-site training course with testing. On-site training and testing requires a minimum of six students. Another valuable tool for exam preparation is the LonWorks® Installation Handbook.

My organization currently offers training on LON.  Can I become a testing center and offer the test as part of my curriculum?

Yes.  Any organization that is teaching LON fundamentals can apply to become a testing center and are encouraged to do so.

Is there any incentive to become a testing center?

Yes.  LMI will compensate testing centers on a per student basis.  Contact LMI for more details.

Are the tests offered in multiple languages?

Yes.  The online site can support many languages and some test centers set up to offer the exam in local languages.  In locations where English is not the primary language, local LonMark Affiliates are encouraged to offer the exam in native languages.  Contact LMI for more details. 

What are the differences between the different certifications being offered?

The first level test is for a LonMark Certified Professional.  This is the designation that applies to individuals taking the professional test.  It provides a person with the credentials associated with comprehensive LonWorks knowledge.  This applies to network integrators such as HVAC, lighting, security, building-automation and -controls engineers, consulting engineers, specifiers, and facility managers.

The LonMark Certified Professional exam is the first to be offered.  It is a comprehensive exam covering 12 distinct subject areas or “domains”:

  1. LonWorks history and terminology basics
  2. Transport media
  3. Nodes
  4. Communication
  5. Physical network structuring
  6. Logical network structuring
  7. Installation
  8. Network configuration
  9. Tools for network management
  10. LonWorks and IP
  11. Troubleshooting
  12. User interfaces

The LonMark Certified Installer is the second individual/person exam planned.  This designation will be used for an installer or technician level certification.  It will provide a person with the credentials associated with basic installation of a LonWorks network including basic terminology, wiring requirements, termination, router installation, network topology, and simple network diagnostics.  It does not include the need for knowledge of system architecture, network design, system engineering, commissioning, advanced system diagnostics, or HMI integration.  This would apply to technicians, electricians, and facility operations personnel.  This credential is not yet available.  We encourage interested parties to consider the LonMark Certified Professional exam at this time. LonMark Certified Systems Integrator – this designation is for companies (not individuals/persons) that have on-staff a required minimum number of LonMark Certified Professionals and have completed real-world installations.  Full details can be obtained here: www.lonmark.org/csi

Will there be practice exams available online?

Practice exams for understanding the format and functions of the exam tools will be available to those that have pre-registered for the test.  Please note that this is not a practice exam for the content of the LonMark Certification; only for gaining a comfort-level with the exam structure and interface.  The practive exam can be taken in the minutes before you take the LonMark Certified Professional exam without substracting from the time you have to complete the LCP exam.  For a listing of study material, please visit www.lonmark.org/testing.

How will I be notified if I have passed/failed the exam?

You will receive an email verification of your exam status within the first week of the month following the completion the exam.

When I pass the exam, what credentials will be issued?

Each passing examinee will receive a certificate suitable for framing along with a wallet card via postal mail.

Is there a registry of LonMark Certified Professionals?

Yes. LonMark publishes all certified professionals.

How long do my qualifications last?

LonMark Certified Professional qualifications are for 3 or 5 years from the exam date, depending on the version of the exam passed.  At expiration of the credentials, a candidate will have to re-certify.  As the technology and market changes, the exam will be updated to reflect these changes.  It is important that integrators receive continuous education in the market trends and solutions for their customers.  Our recertification program provides an online 20-to-30-minute education piece that is followed by a one-hour exam; all of which can be taken individually from your office or home via your PC and Internet connection with a standard browser capable of running Adobe Flash. 

How is LonMark publicizing this certification program?

LMI is presenting this program to the various trade publications, industry associations, and through advertising.  The end user and consulting community are encouraged to write specifications calling for only trained and certified LON professionals to bid on their projects. 

How were the test questions created?

Volunteer experts from around the world were invited to participate in the exam creation.  A core group of highly qualified industry experts have worked to ensure that all material is accurate and up to date.  No one individual outside of LonMark staff has seen or reviewed all of the questions.  The questions were created based upon industry available material posted on the LonMark web site, links to other material, and published in the LonWorks Installation Handbook.

Who should I contact to volunteer to do revisions?

“I was not invited to participate in the initial expert panel, but I would like to volunteer for the ongoing certification support.” 

We are continually updating the exams with the latest industry advancements.  Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis.  If you feel you are qualified and would like to support this effort, please contact LMI directly.  We welcome your participation.

I’m a consulting engineer responsible for writing open systems control specifications.  How will this program help me to ensure the systems that are installed will meet my specifications?

This program along with the LonMark product guidelines together from the standards of quality in the industry.  Open LON® control systems can be arbitrarily simple or complex depending upon the applications and system requirements.  Specifying LonMark Certified products and LonMark Certified personnel to install them will ensure you get the best possible system and the most highly qualified people working on the project.  Consulting engineers are also highly encouraged to get trained and certified in the program to ensure you are up to date on the latest “best practices” available.  It is LMI’s commitment to continuously improve the standards and provide up-to-date knowledge and education programs for the industry.  If you would like to learn more about these programs, please contact us. 

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