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Professional Certification FAQs are also available to download in PDF format (68k)

Device Certification - LonMark conformance instructions.

Design Guidelines - Technical information for developing open interoperable LonMark products.

Technical Corner - Provides answers to commonly asked technical questions.

LonMark Members who manufacture products used in Open Systems

LONMARK Training

New for 2016: LonMark Online Refresher Training Course

LonMark International is proud to announce the launch of a new LonMark Certification Training and Testing suite that now provides the industry with a more accessible and global program. The program is fully online and self-paced, which offers students the ability to study and prepare for the LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) test in the comfort of their office or home. There is no longer a need to travel to a testing center making the program substantially more affordable and accessible.

Comply with Specification Requirements

The LCP program is a recognized proficiency program in the industry for LonWorks designers, engineers and installers and is required by many project specifications. As LonMark broadens its reach globally, it was key to also make the program more flexible and accessible. Each student completing the class is eligible to receive a course certificate and letter of completion for use in your training portfolio.

Course Format

The training program consists of 11 course modules that align to the LonWorks Installation Handbook Version 3. Each module contains a video where students will review key proficiency topics required by the LCP program. It is recommended students have some familiarity with LonWorks and have read the LonWorks Installation Handbook. After each video module, students are encouraged to review the associated chapter in the book and then proceed to the next module. Additional reading assignments accompany several of the modules. Being self-paced allows one to take as long as needed to review the modules, even repeat modules, pause and skip backward or forward using the built in video controls. On average an estimated time for the preparation and to complete the 11 modules is approximately four to five hours. However those familiar with the concepts  may finish in under three hours.

Test Preparation

The refresher course — for those already fluent in the world of LONWORKS networks — covers the following topics in the context of the exam:

  1. LonWorks history and terminology
  2. Transport media
  3. Nodes/Devices
  4. Communication
  5. Physical network structuring
  6. Logical network structuring
  7. Installation
  8. Network configuration
  9. Tools for network management
  10. LonWorks and IP
  11. Troubleshooting
  12. User interfaces

LonMark International offers no guarantee that by undertaking the refresher course, the individuals will pass the LonMark Professional Certification test. The refresher course is designed purely to provide the individuals with additional training to support and re-enforce the knowledge they should already have before taking the exam.

Upon completion of the training class, students are prepared for the LCP test. The new testing platform is also online and no longer requires an onsite proctor. The LCP test has a  two- hour limit and consists of 120 questions covering the key proficiency topics required by LonMark International. Upon completion of the test, students are immediately notified of their score. If a passing score is achieved, students are sent their LCP Credential by email within seven business days and their information is added to the LonMark Website within 14 business days.

Laungage Availability

Currently the training is availble in English and the test is available in English, Spanish and German. Other languages will be added throughout the year. Training partners in Germany and Spanish speaking countries are available to teach classroom based courses in preperation for the LCP test. We anticipate having the online refresher class available in German and Spanish soon.

Courses in Development

LonMark is also working on a new “Introduction to LonWorks,” online class that will precede the refresher class for those unfamiliar with LonWorks. This new class along with others, will be added to the LonMark course catalog.


Registration for the training and the test are easier too. Simply request a registration ID from testing@lonmark.org and an email will be sent to you with instructions. After logging into www.lonmark.net you can register and pay for your training and test immediately using PayPal. This new registration process simplifies the process and allows for immediate service. However, if you require large group access, LonMark can process payment by purchase order or credit card.


Refresher Course Price: $495

LCP Test Price: $375

School Curriculum

LonMark is excited to have these new offerings available to the industry. These new programs were designed to meet the needs of a global market requiring education and certification credentialing. The program can also be made available for use within university, college and trade school curriculums. For more information please contact us directly via email to testing(a)lonmark.org, by phone at +1-408-938-5361 x 1.

Details Here

Custom On-Site Training Option

LonMark International offers custom training classes for larger groups. Topic areas include:

Course Modules Available

• An Introduction to Smart Buildings
• Fundamentals of Building Open Control Networking Systems
• Smart Building System Design and System Integration
• Specifying Building Automation Systems
• An Introduction to Designing Building Automation Dashboards, User Interfaces, and Public Kiosks
• Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid
• An Introduction to LonWorks

LonMark will send one of its Expert Trainers to your location so that your team does not have to travel for training and testing. On-site training and testing requires a minimum of six students. To learn more about this program, please contact us directly by email at testing(a)lonmark.org or by phone at +1-408-938-5361 x 1.


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The number of applications for LonMark certification is growing rapidly. To make sure your products are on-track for certification, design conformance into them by following the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines v3.4.

see Device Certification

The Proficiency Testing Program for Qualified Open Systems Installers, Professionals and Integrators provides a worldwide standard of proficiency for individuals that install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LonMark certified products.

see Professional Certification