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LonMark Presentations

AHR Expo 2012 Education Sessions

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Multi-System and Multi-Protocol Integration Using LONMARK Solutions (Multi-system Integration, Part I)

An overview of the challenges and solutions possibilities when installing LONWORKS networks in buildings that have legacy or parallel installations using other technologies including Modbus, BACnet, DALi, KNX and others.

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LONWORKS & BACnet Integration (Multi-system Integration, Part II)

A single unified solution (LONWORKS/LONMARK) compared and contrasted with a BACnet/IP system layer/LONWORKS FT device layer BAS architecture. Pros and cons for each approach are discussed as well as market solutions including Echelon’s BACnet/IP app.

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Smart Grid basics: Preparing Your Customers for Future Energy Changes

Maximizing LONWORKS open systems and the Smart Grid

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Total Facility Control:  Integrating Process, Environment, and Enterprise

The value of system integration, introduction of the master systems integrator concept, presentation of a unified controls and IT system infrastructure, and an exploration of various options for system management and applications.

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Implementing LONMARK in Government, Restaurant, Retail, and Education applications (panel session)

A panel of experts discussed the challenges and unique attributes of working in a variety of different markets and the resulting integration solutions that address specific needs and create opportunities for integrators, application providers, and product vendors.

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System Specifications: The Key to Successful Projects

An exploration of the concepts and benefits of a two-tier, open specification: how it is created, implemented, and maintained. Real-world examples from a variety of industries were presented.




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