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LonMark Presentations

AHR Expo 2013 Education Sessions

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Optimize Energy Savings with the use of Variable Ventilation Systems

The ventilation system used in kitchens is one of the largest uses of energy in food service facilities. Whether a restaurant is a small free-standing site or a large institutional kitchen, managing and balancing airflow is a complex issue. In this session hear from LonMark members on ways to achieve optimum performance and energy savings with ventilation systems.

Chris Thompson; Intertek
Tracy Markie; Engenuity Systems

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Download Slides in PDF FormatDownload Slides in PDF Format
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Bringing Together the Smart Grid and Smart Buildings for a Sustainable World

These four presentations examine market and technology trends, advancements involving interoperable systems, and their impact on the complete building envelop.  Intelligent and integrated networks allow the freedom of vendor selection enabling customized control solutions that result in exceptional energy, time and money savings.

Barry Haaser; LonMark International
Mark Carter; Echelon Corporation
Jack Mc Gowan, CEM; Energy Control Inc.
Chris Kotting; EIS Alliance

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Creating Secure Building Networks

The building industry continues to develop more intelligent and energy efficient buildings but many overlook the potential risk of security attacks on these highly networked control systems.  Hear from the experts on how to integrate security procedures that will help secure your network.

John Houston, PE; Division 25 LLC
Jason Alvarez; 8760Inc.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing addresses many of the issues that have been sore spots for the building automation industry including the cost to maintain, update and upgrade network systems, but there are still concerns regarding data ownership and security.  This presentation looks at the use of cloud computing in the building automation industry and how many systems integrators are developing innovative solutions to help their customers obtain superior systems once available only through considerable capital investment.  This discussion covers the pros and cons of cloud computing, its adoption in the building automation industry, and the security risks.

Jason Alvarez; 8760Inc.

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Electric Rate Structures:  Where are They Going and What to Do About It

This presentation takes a look at California electricity-rate changes, the opportunities in the rate structures, and explains demand-response and demand-management concepts.  It provides two examples of simple, affordable controls and return on investment.

Wayne Wiebe; Kenmark Controls

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Buildings Industry Leadership Organizations Expert Panel Discuss the Future of the Industry, Thought Leadership Q&A Forum

The Building Automation and Controls Market is at a pivotal juncture – either we advance the open systems model or we step backwards 20 years to the proprietary, silo-world of the past.  Communities must come together to embrace each other and work together to solve core issues.  Systems today utilize a variety of protocols for the core building automation system.  This approach allows system integrators and implementers to deliver customized, best-of-breed solutions.  This forum provided an opportunity for attendees to hear from experts from key industry associations including LonMark International, ASHRAE SSPC 135, CABA, ClimateTalk Alliance, EnOcean Alliance, and OpenADR Alliance.  This session was a unique opportunity to learn about the challenges facing the building automation market today; how as an industry we are collectively addressing the latest trends, and to learn what’s next for the future of open systems.

Carl Neilson, Chairperson; ASHRAE SSPC 135 (BACnet) Committee
Ronald J. Zimmer, CAE, Executive Director; CABA
Craig Johnson, Chair; ClimaTalk Alliance
Cory Vanderpool, Business Development Manager; EnOcean Alliance
Tracy Markie, Chairperson; LonMark International
Barry Haaser, Executive Director; OpenADR Alliance
Ron Bernstein, Chief Ambassador; LonMark International (session moderator)




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