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What is the LonWorks Platform?

LonWorks networking platform is a powerful, pervasive solution for today’s advanced control-networking systems. It's the foundation for an open, interoperable system in which products and solutions from the world’s leading companies are brought together in a simple, straightforward implementation that integrates many system components into one complete solution.

The basic premise is to facilitate the need to integrate multiple system components using a common system architecture and infrastructure -- in essence, one set of wires through which all components are attached and can share common information. Data can travel from any point on the network to any other point with no single point of failure, embedding high-level security and allowing full component interoperability in a peer-to-peer fashion.

What does this mean to the market? The platform provides a fully open, interoperable system of components from multiple sources - with no system lock-in. No single component will force owners into a proprietary, single-vendor solution; thus providing end-users with multiple products, integrators, user interfaces, and choices for service contracts. With a well-structured system, all of the proprietary hooks are removed, leaving nothing but a wide variety of options.

Part of national, regional, and industry-specific standards around the world—including ANSI/CEA, EN, IEEE, AAR, SEMI, SAC, and others - the LonWorks platform is now also a set of international ISO/IEC standards for commercial building automation, controls and building management; and the standards continue to be enhanced to include new and useful functionality while remaining compatible with current installations.

To date, hundreds of thousands of LonWorks platform-based systems and tens of millions of LonWorks devices have been installed worldwide. LonWorks platform-systems have saved companies tens of millions of dollars in energy costs, installation time and money, and long-term service costs. Case studies have shown that a LonWorks platform-based system can save as much as 50% on the initial installation costs of a traditional home-run wired system, while integrating systems and reducing system complexity can provide additional savings through energy reduction. A single-system interface is smarter, more cost-effective, and easier to maintain than multiple, non-integrated systems - and that's one of the reasons why organizations large and small are choosing LonWorks open systems over closed systems.

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