Value of Integration

Why Integration?
Control systems are more than a collection of subsystems that interact to sense, monitor, or control. Integrating various subsystem components reduces energy demands, increases responsiveness, and reduces overall system costs. It also reduces system complexity.

Having a single user interface to many different subsystems reduces staff training requirements and removes the need to monitor different interfaces, leading to greater efficiency. Single-seat monitoring, control, alarming, reporting, and scheduling are part of the established baseline requirements for improving system efficiency.

With recent developments in the IT world and reduced system costs, new standards are emerging that directly affect the controls market. Standard Web browsing technology and fundamentals are a common part of today’s control system architecture.

Imagine interfacing with your control system through a Web browser from any computer attached to your system, or even remotely through a secure connection. You can perform simple monitoring or complex alarm-handling functions, request maintenance work, generate reports, or receive real-time data - all from a common user interface.

Integration makes all this possible, and at its foundation is device level, peer-to-peer communication. LonWorks enables open system integration.


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  Why Open?

Don’t be fooled by some claims about “open”.

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