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Integra Metering AG
Ringstrasse 75
Therwil  CH-4106
Tel: +41 61 725 11 22
Fax: +41 61 725 15 95

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Integra Metering AG is based in Therwil, Switzerland and is represented in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Singapore and Japan (Others with distributors). Our core competencies are water management solutions, energy savings with heat/cooling metering technologies, savings in Fuel/Diesel oil consumptions. All solutions can be used in Industrial and Building Automation.

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Martin Hummel
Development Engineer
Tel: +41 61 725 11 22
E-mail: martin.hummel(a)

Remo Bucheli
Tel: +41 61 725 15 05
E-mail: remo.bucheli(a)


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Integra Metering AG
joined LonMark as a Member over 15 years ago.


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