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Azbil Corporation
Fujisawa Techno Center, 1-12-1 Kawana
Fujisawa Kanagawa  251-8522
Tel: +81 466 52 7075
Fax: +81 466 20 2266

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At Azbil, we develop control products and systems to deliver innovative automation solutions. Our technology affords you integrated, enhanced control over a wide variety of processes in plants and factories, as well as the environments in offices and other buildings. This, in turn, translates into substantial benefits -both for you and for society. Higher plant productivity. Lower factory running costs. And enhanced comfort and convenience in buildings.

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Katsuji Ebihara
Manager - Component Group
Tel: +81 466 52 7045
E-mail: k.ebihara.yo(a)


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Azbil Corporation
joined LonMark as a Member over 20 years ago.


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