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ABB is the world's leading supplier of AC and DC drive products and systems for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications, improving the manageability, efficiency and energy economy of processes. AC Drives is part of the world-wide ABB organisation in the Automation segment. It´s a market leader in the design and supply of electrical drive equipment for industrial and commercial use. ABB focuses strongly on the continuous future development of Low Voltage AC and Medium Voltage AC Drives. In order to be able to accelerate the product development process, ABB has joined forces with several major electronics companies. ABB's confidence is encapsulated in its commitment to quality, resulting in the award of the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Variable speed drives are especially environmentally friendly because of the considerable energy savings they bring about in pump and fan applications. The manufacturing of the products also has a very low impact on the environment: the life cycle of the products is long, the material is recyclable or reusable. These features resulted in the award of ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

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