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Engenuity Systems, Inc.
2165 W. Pecos Rd.
Bldg. G., Suite 1
Chandler  AZ  85224
United States
Tel: +1 480-782-5600
Fax: +1 480-782-5601

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Engenuity Systems, Inc. is the world's largest distributor of LonWorks® and Open System products in the United States. They have been supplying LonWorks/LonMark® products to the industrial control and building automation industries since 1994 and currently offer over 6000 products manufactured by more than 75 manufacturers.  Products include network infrastructure, HVAC controls, lighting controls, programmable controllers, lighting controls, OEM development tools, network management and graphical programming software, OPC/DDE servers, access control systems, gateways, and many more. Custom engineering and OEM design services are also available. Engenuity Systems was a founding member of LonMark and continue to be very active members for the organization both at the board level and within task groups.  For more information about the company and the products they offer visit

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Tracy Markie
Tel: +1 480-782-5600 ext. 211
E-mail: tracy(a)


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Engenuity Systems, Inc.
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