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8760 Inc.
250 West 26th Street
2nd Floor
New York  NY  10001
United States
Tel: +1 212-924-2044
Fax: +1 212-924-2051

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In a never ending quest to better serve our customers, Automated Building Controls has evolved into a new company.

As 8760 Inc., we will continue to help our clients meet the demands of a more complex energy market, while keeping their daily needs and practical requirements a priority.  Our Sustainable Performance Plan, delivered 8760, is the insurance that our customers' facilities and relevant systems perform at the highest levels, every minute of every hour.

8760 can provide everything you need to develop and maintain sustainability and peak performance for all your company's facilities.  We will continue to offer a complete facility management suite that controls building automation, energy function and provides decision support through a single software platform.  Diverse systems and devices can be unified and easily orchestrated and managed on the Internet in real-time, regardless of each system's manufacturer.

8760 balances energy and operations management using the latest technology and most effective solutions in:

     ♦   Control Projects (new/expansion/integration)
     ♦   Environmental Asset Management
     ♦   Performance Monitoring
     ♦   Energy Efficiency Projects
     ♦   Open Protocol Building Automation
     ♦   Renewable Energy Investments
     ♦   Project Finance


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Jason Alvarez
Vice President
Tel: +1 212-924-2044
E-mail: jalvarez(a)


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8760 Inc.
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