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Kenyon & Partners, Inc.
3203 Queen Palm Dr.
Tampa  FL  33619
United States
Tel: +1 813-241-6568
Fax: +1 813-514-6598

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Kenyon & Partners, Inc. has assembled a professional team devoted to quality and client service.  Our team exhibits a unique blend of experience, creativity, enthusiasm and aspiration to excellence.  We have in-house General Construction, Mechanical Contracting, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Contracting and Electrical Engineering.  Our unique senior ladership, design, construction, and service expertise matches your facility needs.

Kenyon & Partners, Inc. currently has many continuing HVAC/Controls service contracts such as the Johnny Byrd Alzheimer's Institute, Paychex, JWM Management, The University of South Florida, Hillsborough County Schools, and the Town of Longbat Key.  We understand how to manage continuing service agreements and have a unique perspective for delivering our services.  Our president, Dean Kenyon, is both a mechanical contractor and a mechanical engineer.  Mr. Kenyon has over 20 years of experience providing professional services in a government environment.  These experiences result in a highly professional approach to our service philosophy.

Our in-house services include:
   • Service and Preventative Maintenance
   • Design/Build Projects
   • Construction Management
   • Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Electrical Design
   • General Construction
   • Mechanical Construction
   • Energy Planning and Analysis
   • Systems Commissioning
   • Facility Needs Assessment Studies
   • Indoor Air Quality and Professional Witness Services

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Dean Kenyon
Tel: +1 813-241-6568
E-mail: dean.kenyon(a)


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