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sensorFact Services, Inc.
150 2nd Avenue North, Suite 770
St. Petersburg  FL  33701
United States
Tel: +1 727-222-3687
Fax: +1 727-491-5681

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sensorFact provides frictionless access to real-time sensor data for facility management companies and professionals empowering you with up-to-the-minute information necessary to perform you work. We do this by making real-time live building automation system (BAS) data accessible safely, quickly and easily for facility maintenance teams, call centers, system integrators and asset managers helping save time and money. sensorFact's world class integration technologies provide best-of-breed interfaces, security and reliability to the software systems you already use today, by enhancing the power of your systems through real-time data and information access.

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Matt Horton
Tel: +1 727-222-3687
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sensorFact Services, Inc.


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