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141 Rue du Commerce
Parc d'innovation de Bretagne Sud
Vannes  CS 82605  56011
Tel: +33 6 10 77 04 61

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BeeZeeLinx is a software company with expertise in developing secured and scalable IoT solutions, such as CityLinx™. The CityLinx™ Platform is a new generation Smart City Software that provides cities and integrators with complete vertical applications including Streetlight Control, Environmental Monitoring, Parking Optimization, Traffic Counting, Building Efficiency and more.

To provide such an open and scalable solution, Citylinx™ supports dozens of device types from many suppliers, connects to networks such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, 3G/4G, Zigbee and long-range mesh through REST APIs, MQTT, OSCP, OneM2M and other protocols, scales to millions of devices and billions of data entries and can run on-premise as well as on the cloud. CityLinx™ provides ready-to-use business applications to address the above challenges but also enables you to create your own device data models, your own dashboard, your own automation processes and your own reports to address any other smart city use case.

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Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Business Development
Tel: +33 6 10 77 04 61
E-mail: jp(a)


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