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Shannon Mayette
LonMark International

High-speed power line for LON Applications

With LON HD-PLC, LonMark has created a standard for the use of fast power line for LON communication. At the upcoming Light+Building Gesytec GmbH and chip manufacturer MegaChips will present an evaluation kit for the development of LON HD-PLC devices.

Feb. 15, 2018 – Today Gesytec GmbH in cooperation with MegaChips, a supplier of processors for HD-PLC, announced the development of an evaluation kit for LON HD-PLC. This allows easy development of LON HD-PLC applications and devices. The LON protocol stack EPOS developed by Gesytec GmbH is used for this purpose, which was developed for systems with limited resources. The protocol stack runs encapsulated from the user software on the HD-PLC CPU itself. There are no components or software by outside parties. In addition to the LON HD-PLC Evaluation Kit, Gesytec GmbH develops LON HD-PLC components for building and industrial automation.

The LON HD-PLC Evaluation Kit will be presented at the Light+Building 2018 at stand 9.1 E66.

HD-PLC is a fast powerline communication media type based on the IEEE1901 worldwide standard and is now extended with the LonMark Interoperability functionality completing a full 7-layer protocol stack. This standard is defined by high transmission rates of up to 100 Mbps, encryption, robustness and the ability to bridge long distances. All devices can also be repeaters. The technology is characterized by long product lifecycles and differs from powerline solutions in the consumer market. By adding the LonMark stack, developers now have a rapid development and deployment kit for smart building, smart city, and other applications where a high speed powerline channel is required.

LonMark International has started the standardization process for the use of HD-PLC as a transmission technology for LON. This will be completed as EN 14908-8 or ANSI/CTA 709.8 by the end of 2018.





About MegaChips 

“Enabling everyday life through innovation, MegaChips is a semiconductor leader whose technology transforms the world we live in by helping each one of us achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives. Leveraging decades of technology excellence, partnerships and acquisitions, we are shaping the next wave of the digital revolution, adding significant value for businesses and consumers in the areas of Internet of Things, communications, displays, enterprise, and mobile computing all around the world. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and San Jose, Calif., with design centers in San Jose, Osaka, Tokyo and Bangalore. For more information, contact the company at 408-570-0555, or visit”

About Gesytec

The Gesytec GmbH has been engaged in the business of development and manufacturing hardware and software for automation purposes since 1978. Still today our main goal is to build smaller, cheaper and more innovative control systems than anyone else. The technological basis has changed much since the incipiencies of microprocessor technology and continues to change. It remains our continuous purpose to find new solutions with new technologies.

We especially focus on reaching our clients’ demands with our products. Those services include adaptation of our standard products as well as new client-oriented developments.

Beyond the borders of our company building in Aachen, Gesytec is working internationally in both directions. On one hand our products are being used and shipped worldwide. On the other hand global connectivity and technologies have reached into our products.


Contact person:

Matthias Lürkens

Tel.: +49 2408 944-0


Company info:

Gesytec GmbH

Pascalstr. 6

52076 Aachen


Tel.: +49 2408 944-0

Fax: +49 2408 944-100

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