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 ACP G/W AHU for LonWorks® Networks  

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Company Name: LG Electronics, Inc.
Standard Program ID: 8 000CC 4850 04 04 03
LonMark Version: 3.4
Category: Gateways
LonMark Format: 8
Manufacturer ID: 000CC - LG Electronics
Device Class: 4850 - HVAC Gateways
Usage Class: 04 - Industrial-Commercial
Media Channel: 04 - TP/FT-10
SPID Model Number: 03
ACP G/W AHU for LonWorks®  Networks  
Datasheet: LGE_ACP_LON_AHU_v2.pdf
XIF/DRFs Download: 8000CC4850040403.zip
XIF available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
DRFs available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
LonMark Profiles
Supported (qty):
0000 - Node Object (1)
3200 - Switch (1)
8500 - SCC-Generic (16)
Clock Rate: 10 MHz
Agency Approvals: CE, FCC
Product Availability: Worldwide
Sales Information: http://www.lgeaircon.com/gcac.common.index.dev(opens into a new window)
Product Description: The LonWorks® Gateway PDB is a conversion gateway between the BMS System using the LonWorks protocol and an LG Air Handling Unit using the LGAP protocol.  The Gateway can convert the LonWorks protocol to the LGAP protocol.  The LonWorks Gateway PDF can process a maximum of 16 Air Handling Units.  Controlling items include: ON/OFF Command, Operation Mode, Economized Operation Mode, Humidity, Temperature, OA/EA/MIX dampers and Lock Settings, .  Monitoring items include: ON/OFF Status, Operation Mode Status, Economized Operation Status, Temperature Setting, Humidity Setting, Temperature(outdoor air,supply air, return air, mixed air), Filter alarm, Co2, Supply/Return Fan Status, Heater Status, Humidifier Status, Lock Setting, OA/EA/MIX dampers Status, and Error Code Reports.  FT-10 line is used to connect communication lines between BMS System and the LonWorks Gateway PDB.


Product Contact: Lee HOON
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