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 PlanoSpot 360 PSLON 

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Company Name: Theben HTS AG
Standard Program ID: 8 000EF 1E00 06 04 30
LonMark Version: 3.4
Category: Lighting
LonMark Format: 8
Manufacturer ID: 000EF - Theben HTS AG
Device Class: 1E00 - Lighting
Usage Class: 06 - Residential-Commercial
Media Channel: 04 - TP/FT-10
SPID Model Number: 30
PlanoSpot 360 PSLON  
Datasheet: Theben_PlanoSpot_360_PSLON.PDF
XIF/DRFs Download: 8000EF1E00060430.zip
XIF available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
DRFs available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
LonMark Profiles
Supported (qty):
0000 - Node Object (1)
1010 - Light Sensor (3)
1060 - Occupancy Sensor (1)
3050 - Constant Light Controller (2)
3071 - Occupancy Controller (3)
3200 - Switch (2)
3250 - Scene Panel (1)
3251 - Scene Controller (1)
Clock Rate: 10MHz
Agency Approvals: CE
Product Availability: EMEA
Sales Information: http://www.theben-hts.ch/ch-de/Schweiz/Home/Kontakt/Ansprechpartner(opens into a new window)
Product Description:

LON presence detectors for ceiling installation PlanoSpot 360 PSLON DE WH / BK / SR

Passive infrared presence detectors (PIR) for hollow ceiling installation; flat design; cover frames changeable in form, color and material
Higher flexibility due to two detection zones (standard, reduced), different in size which can be selected by parameter or via management remote control.
detection area standard, walking max. 64 m2 (8 x 8 m) at 3.5 m installation height, sitting max. 20 m2 (4.5 x 4.5 m) at 3 m installation height;
detection area reduced, walking max. 22 m2 (4.7 x 4.7 m) at 3.5 m installation height, sitting max. 9 m2 (3 x 3 m) at 3 m installation height;
Optical system can be swiveled for adjusting detection area
Automatic presence and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC;
Switching or constant light control; choice of fully or semi-automatic operation;
Mixed light measurement 3-fold approx. 10 – 3000 Lux

Product Contact: Salvatore BARBERI
Tel: +41 52 355 1700
Fax: +41 52 355 1701
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