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 Powerhouse PL 

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Company Name: STV Electronic GmbH
Standard Program ID: 8 000FA 1400 04 10 22
LonMark Version: 3.4
Category: Energy Management
LonMark Format: 8
Manufacturer ID: 000FA - STV Automation
Device Class: 1400 - Energy Management
Usage Class: 04 - Industrial-Commercial
Media Channel: 10 - PL-20C
SPID Model Number: 22
Powerhouse PL  
Datasheet: PowerHouse_UP-011 PL 230V_engl.pdf
XIF/DRFs Download: 8000FA1400041022.zip
XIF available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
DRFs available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
LonMark Profiles
Supported (qty):
Clock Rate: 10 MHz
Agency Approvals: CE
Product Availability: EMEA
Sales Information:
Product Description: To the Powerline SubMeter product family PowerHouse PL belong digital AC meters for building automation and energy management. The SubMeter is used to provide basic power metering and ON/OFF control of a load by a remote control of a relay (switch). A very important objective for this product family is to provide an interoperable device definition that makes it possible for a system integration company to deliver a system where sub meter nodes (devices) from different manufacturers can be integrated with a minimum amount of effort. In addition to the detection of the electrical activity W [kWh], the following physical values are also detected: electrical power (active, reactive and apparent power), rms values of current and voltage, and the PF and the mains frequency with the accuracy class A, (2%) according to DIN EN 50470 -1 and -3. The measured values are transferred to a LON Powerline network or to a central control using standard network variables (SNVTs) in accordance with the LONMARK standard. The SubMeter Powerhouse PL based on the LONMARK functional profile “Single-Phase SubMeter” Type #2161. Depending on the housing type, the SubMeters have a relay output of 10A or 16A @ 250V AC. The Powerline SubMeter is available in three housing variations: • DIN rail housing • flush-mounted socket • plug case
Product Contact: Markus HÜHN
Dipl. Ing.
Tel: +49 5207 9131-0
Fax: +49 5207 9131-18
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