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 Intelligent LON Actuator M7410G-S (M7410G1008/M7410G1016/M7410G1024) 

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Company Name: Honeywell International
Standard Program ID: 8 0000C 0700 03 04 21
LonMark Version: 3.0
Category: Generic Actuator
LonMark Format: 8
Manufacturer ID: 0000C - Honeywell International (12)
Device Class: 0700 - Generic Actuators
Usage Class: 03 - Commercial
Media Channel: 04 - TP/FT-10
SPID Model Number: 21
Intelligent LON Actuator M7410G-S (M7410G1008/M7410G1016/M7410G1024)  
Datasheet: M7410g.pdf
XIF/DRFs Download: 80000C0700030421.zip
XIF available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
DRFs available: No, this product does not have device resource files
LonMark Profiles
Supported (qty):
0003 - Open Loop Actuator Object (1)
Clock Rate: 10MHz
Agency Approvals: CE
Product Availability: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
Sales Information: http://europe.hbc.honeywell.com/isapi/frames.asp?url=http://content.honeywell.com/global/(opens into a new window)
Product Description: The M7410G LON actuator is targeted for decentralized building structures and gives customers an effective new capability in energy management and product flexibility. The actuator works with standard SNVTs to provide interoperability with controllers based on LonWorks technology. The M7410G small linear actuator is specifically designed to provide LonMark capabilities together with the radiator and zone valve series of small linear valves and are used in fan coil units, induction units, small reheaters, recoolers and for zone control applications. They are employed in electronic temperature control systems using hot and / or cold water as the controlled medium. The M7410G actuator is suitable for Honeywell Excel series controllers as well as for any other controllers based on LonWorks technology. Using standard Echelon configuration tools, the actuator can be configured with job specific settings. The actuator is well suited for applications where space is limited and minimum power consumption is required. The actuator is both attractive and robust in design.
Product Contact: Dieter FOITH
Product Marketing Manager - Europe
Tel: +49 7031 637 249
Fax: +49 7031 637 547
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