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 4-Channel Digital Dimmer - 4404L 

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Company Name: NICO Technology (Taiwan) Ltd.
Standard Program ID: 8 000B5 1E28 04 04 00
LonMark Version: 3.3
Category: Lighting
LonMark Format: 8
Manufacturer ID: 000B5 - NICO Technology, Inc.
Device Class: 1E28 - Lamp Actuator
Usage Class: 04 - Industrial-Commercial
Media Channel: 04 - TP/FT-10
SPID Model Number: 00
4-Channel Digital Dimmer - 4404L  
Datasheet: nico_4404L.pdf
XIF/DRFs Download: 8000B51E28040400.zip
XIF available: Yes, included in the above ZIP file
DRFs available: No, this product does not have device resource files
LonMark Profiles
Supported (qty):
0000 - Node Object (1)
3040 - Lamp Actuator (4)
Clock Rate: 10MHz
Agency Approvals: None
Product Availability: World Wide
Sales Information: http://www.nico-tech.com/english/contact.html(opens into a new window)
Product Description: The compact but high-powered Nico 4-Channel Digital Dimmer is a LonWorks®-based dimmer for home and office buildings. The Dimmer provides 4 channels, 10 Amperes each. It features a 3-Way Bypass Switch that includes an AUTO mode operated by network system, an OFF mode and a MANUAL mode in order to test circuit without network system. The advantage of the 3-Way Bypass Switch is to operate the Dimmer normally under network or CPU failure. The 4-Channel Digital Dimmer is DIN-mounted and is easy to install with its interlocking and plugging power connection. The body of 4-Channel Digital Dimmer is made of aluminum for excellent ventilation. It provides 2 colors-Black and White in order to match with the design. Using the 4-Channel Digital Dimmer reduces energy consumption and saves costs by extending bulb life. The 4-Channel Digital Dimmer also adds versatility of the space for different activities and creates the perfect mood for aesthetic purposes.
Product Contact: Thomas CHOO
Tel: +886 2 2783 8559
Fax: +886 2 2783 9731
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