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  Technical Resources

Articles, information,
guidelines, specifications,
and downloadable files for
LonMark Members, and the
entire LonWorks® community.

Developer Guidelines

LonMark Interoperability Guidelines
LonMark Interoperability Guidelines help manufacturers build interoperable LonMark products based upon LonWorks technology; the ANSI/CEA-709.1 control-networking protocol.

  • LmApp34.pdf(opens into a new window) – LonMark Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines;
    version 3.4, updated 2005-10, effective from 2005-10-05 (1.6MB).
  • LmPhy34.pdf(opens into a new window) – LonMark Layer 1-6 Interoperability Guidelines;
    version 3.4, updated 2005-10, effective from 2005-10-05 (909k).

For archived releases of the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines, see the Guidelines Archives.

LonMark Resource Files
This comprises all of the machine-readable SNVTs, SCPTs, Enums, and SFPTs that form the basic building blocks of a LonMark certified device. The collection is available online for browsing and easy cross-referencing:

The actual binary files are conveniently assembled into an InstallShield® wizard that can be run with or without the user interface, allowing the installation file to be incorporated into an installation and update process used by a tool vendor or installer:

LonMark Product Conformance Review Information
LonMark Product Conformance Review Information.

LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide   
Describes the content and structure of a device interface (.XIF) file.

  • LmXif4402.pdf(opens into a new window) – LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide;
    version 4.402, updated 2009-06-21 (192k).

LonMark Resource File API Reference Guide   
Describes the application programming interface of the resource-files structure.

  • LmRfApi04.pdf(opens into a new window) – LonMark Resource File API Reference Guide;
    revision 4, updated 2009-05-11 (798k).

Standard Transceiver List
Describes the transceiver-channel parameters, standard transceiver- type IDs, standard transceiver IDs, and channel-type IDs for all LonMark channels as well as some channels that are not LonMark Approved.

  • stdXcvr.xml(opens into a new window) – File describing channels and transceivers. Used in development and integration tools,
    version, updated 2006-06-21.

Standard Program ID Master List
A constantly updated list that provides information for the content of a standard program identifer (SPID).

  • SPID Master List – File that lists manufacturers, device classes, usage categories, and media channels.


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