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Manufacturer Identifier

If you are designing open, interoperable devices to the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines but do not have a Manufacturer ID (MID), please complete and submit this form.

Standard Manufacturer IDs are assigned to manufacturers upon request when they join LonMark International and are then published by LonMark International so that the device manufacturer of a LonMark Certified device is easily identified. Standard Manufacturer IDs are never reused (never given by LonMark to another company).

If your company is not published in this list but is a LonMark Sponsor or Partner member, please mark the appropriate selection on the following form to be issued a Standard ("Permanent") MID.

Temporary Manufacturer IDs are available to LonMark members or non-members upon request by completing this same form.  Temporary MIDs (tMIDs) are not guaranteed to be unique and they are not listed in the Master List of MIDs.  Likewise, Temporary MIDs cannot be used for LonMark Certification. However, Temporary MIDs can be used in development tools to provide some level of differentiating manufacturers.

All requests for Temporary Manufacturer IDs will be sent to the email address provided.

Contact Information
(Please fill-out completely. Incomplete submissions may not be processed.
* indicates a required field.)

*Company Name:
*Job Title:
*Given (First) Names:
*Family (Last) Names:
*Address 1:
Address 2:
*Postal Code:
*Company Web address:

(MID will be sent to email.)

LonMark Membership Status
Yes, my company is a LonMark Sponsor or Partner Member,
          but we are not listed on the previous page and have not been issued a Standard Manufacturer ID (MID).
No, my company is not currently a LonMark Member.
          Please send a Temporary MID and LonMark membership information to the above address.

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