Schneider Electric Dutch Headquarters

Schneider Electric Dutch Headquarters

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Year: 2014
Products: SmartStruxure automation server by Schneider Electric; Roombox energy distribution, lighting control, energy measurement by Schneider ElectricXenta 121; FC fancoil controller by Schneider Electric • Xenta 102-AX VAV controller by Schneider Electric

An Icon of Energy Management
Schneider Electric is a powerhouse of automation and energy management solutions with a significant global presence. Over the past decade, Schneider has seen monumental growth in their size as well as in their product line as a result of multiple strategic acquisitions culminating in one of the largest solutions provider of energy management, automation and control solutions in the world.

The Challenge
To accommodate the expansion in The Netherlands, a new 6,000 square meter head office that would unite the multiple companies under one roof in an enjoyable, collaborative environment was planned. As the ultimate selling tool for their energy management solutions, Schneider Electric’s new office is a premier showcase of integration strategies that acts as a testament to their own line of products and solutions.

Just as it is for Schneider’s own customers, financial feasibility was a basic principle governing the overall project. Such an investment must yield proven savings in terms of improved operations and efficiency. The lessons learned during the process will incrementally contribute to their arsenal of best practices and further aid their clients as they embark on their own energy management missions.

The Solution
Establishing a project team early in the planning process was crucial in setting overall objectives and clear communication channels. This proved to be a cost- and time-saving measure as it allowed the team to make quick decisions, establish consensus, and avoid having to make late, and costly, adjustments.

Schneider Electric selected LonWorks® technology as the central communication platform for their energy management network. As a sponsor member of LonMark® International, Schneider Electric has a wide selection of certified LonWorks devices within their product portfolio and much experience working with and shaping the technology.

“The availability of lots of different LonWorks technology equipment within our product portfolio and the flexibility in the design process maximized our freedom in space optimization,” Erik Zwaan, Sales Manager Buildings Business (former Project Manager of the project), Schneider Electric, said.

Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure automation server simplifies multi-system integration that provides a comprehensive view of the energy management network that is accessible and controllable from a PC, smartphone or other Internet-connected device.

The energy management solution is facilitated by Schneider Electric’s Roombox solution, a modular, multi- application electrical distribution and control architecture used to manage energy distribution, lighting control and energy measurement.

The Roombox also offers power consumption metering both on an overall (all loads) and applicationspecific basis. Savings are also possible by means of smart post control. Smart post control with an intelligent LON bus enables the application of presence and absence detection for both lighting and climate—one sensor with multiple functions instead of each application with its own sensor.

“The applied LON technology made it easy for us to integrate the different components. The commissioning phase had been done efficiently,” systems integrator Joep van der Velden, Landelijk Manager Techniek of Kropman Installatietechniek, said. “During the implementation phase we had no problems at all with the TP and IP communication networks for LON systems.”

Overall, the new headquarters location employs numerous smart techniques to help save energy and increase efficiency while maintaining a safe, secure and enjoyable working environment. The building is a comprehensive collection of intelligent systems including HVAC, lighting, energy and water metering, sustainable energy measures, electronic vehicle charging stations, security, and life safety. It’s open nature and flexibility means the building is
always ready for additional systems and upgrades.

The Results
Schneider Electric’s new Dutch head office is a thoroughly modern and excellent example of the opportunities available for saving energy in buildings. The building, with its A+ energy label, originally featured a design classified by the BREEAM-NL (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate as ‘Very Good’. The building then received the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate as a result of the many measures adopted once construction had commenced.

Schneider Electric also received an ISO 50001-certificate, the standard for energy management. This was achieved through placing energy and water meters, presence and absence detection, LED lighting, green ICT and GBS. These certifications also helps Schneider Electric attain two key objectives based on the Planet & Society Barometer: reducing the CO2 emissions of its buildings (a 25 percent energy consumption reduction in its buildings and
factories by 2020) and delivering an educational example to clients and stakeholders.

Transparency of the energy management process is very important to Schneider Electric as it illustrates that energy savings works and leads to considerable savings. All employees and visitors to the Dutch headquarters may view for themselves a real-time overview of the building’s energy consumption via a central display.

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