Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 7
Headerfile: snvt_al.h
AL_HEADER-13Update sequence header.
AL_FOOTER-12Update sequence footer.
AL_DEBUG-11Debug information (not an alarm)
AL_INFO-10Information update (not an alarm)
AL_SYSTEM_INFO-6System information (not an alarm)
AL_VALUE_INVALID-5The value is invalid.
AL_CONSTANT-4The value is a constant value (not an alarm)
AL_OFFLINE-3The device is offline.
AL_UNKNOWN-2Alarm condition unknown (may be due to a communication failure or hardware failure)
AL_NUL-1Invalid alarm type value (alarm condition not specified)
AL_NO_CONDITION0No alarm condition present.
AL_ALM_CONDITION1Unspecified alarm condition present.
AL_TOT_SVC_ALM_12Total/service interval alarm 1 (component requires service or maintenance)
AL_TOT_SVC_ALM_23Total/service interval alarm 2.
AL_TOT_SVC_ALM_34Total/service interval alarm 3.
AL_LOW_LMT_CLR_15Alarm low limit alarm clear 1.
AL_LOW_LMT_CLR_26Alarm low limit alarm clear 2.
AL_HIGH_LMT_CLR_17Alarm high limit alarm clear 1.
AL_HIGH_LMT_CLR_28Alarm high limit alarm clear 2.
AL_LOW_LMT_ALM_19Alarm low limit alarm 1.
AL_LOW_LMT_ALM_210Alarm low limit alarm 2.
AL_HIGH_LMT_ALM_111Alarm high limit alarm 1.
AL_HIGH_LMT_ALM_212Alarm high limit alarm 2.
AL_FIR_ALM13Fire alarm condition.
AL_FIR_PRE_ALM14Fire pre-alarm condition.
AL_FIR_TRBL15Fire-related trouble (fault) condition.
AL_FIR_SUPV16Fire-related supervisory condition (e.g., sprinkler pressure)
AL_FIR_TEST_ALM17Fire-related test-mode alarm condition.
AL_FIR_TEST_PRE_ALM18Fire-related test-mode pre-alarm condition.
AL_FIR_ENVCOMP_MAX19Fire-related maximum environmental compensation level reached.
AL_FIR_MONITOR_COND20Fire-related abnormal input condition.
AL_FIR_MAINT_ALERT21Fire-related maintenance alert.
AL_FATAL_ERROR30Fatal application error.
AL_ERROR31Other error condition.
AL_WARNING32Other warning condition.
Used by:

SNVT_alarm  SNVT_alarm_2