Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 48
Headerfile: snvt_ens.h
ES_NUL-1Invalid Value.
ES_UNDEFINED0State is not yet defined.
ES_OPEN_PULS1Open the device and close it when back in normal position.
ES_OPEN2Open the device if not locked.
ES_CLOSE3Close the device.
ES_STOP4Stop the device.
ES_STOP_RESUME5Continue after stop command.
ES_ENTRY_REQ6Entry request, access in to the area.
ES_EXIT_REQ7Exit request, access out from the area.
ES_KEY_REQ8Exit request, access out from the area.
ES_SAFETY_EXT_REQ9Safety request, the device will go to a pre defined safety position/mode.
ES_EMERGENCY_REQ10Emergency request, the device will go to an pre defined emergency position/mode.
ES_UPDATE_STATE11Update the current state and mode.
ES_SAF_EXT_RESUME12Resume after Safety function.
ES_EMERG_RESUME13Resume after Emergency function.
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