Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 3
Headerfile: snvt_tel.h
TEL_NUL-1Invalid Value.
TEL_NOTINUSE0"Null State (U0)" not in use.
TEL_OFFHOOK1"Call Initiated (U1)".
TEL_DIALING2"Overlap Sending (U2)".
TEL_DIALCOMP3"Outgoing Call Proceeding (U3)".
TEL_RINGBACK4"Call Delivered (U4)" hearing ringback.
TEL_INCOMING5"Call Present (U6)" incoming call has not yet started ringing (only on ISDN line)
TEL_RINGING6"Call Received (U7)" incoming call when the user has indicated alerting but has not yet answered.
TEL_ANSWERED7"Connect Request (U8)" user has answered the call and is waiting to be awarded the call.
TEL_TALKING9"Active (U10)" two parties are exchanging data.
TEL_HANGINGUP10"Disconnect Request (U11)" user has hung up.
TEL_HUNGUPX11"Disconnect Indication (U12)" the other side hung up.
TEL_HOLD12"Suspend Request (U15)" user has requested the network suspend the call.
TEL_UNHOLD13"Resume Request (U17)" resume a held call (usually go back to TEL_TALKING)
TEL_RELEASE14"Release Request (U19)" user has requested the network to release.
TEL_FULLDUP15"Overlap Receiving (U25)" user has acknowledged the call and is prepared to receive additional.
TEL_BLOCKED16connection with blocking, (call-waiting disabled)
TEL_CWAIT17call-waiting coming in.
TEL_DESTBUSY18destination busy.
TEL_NETBUSY19problem, network.
TEL_ERROR20problem, non-network.
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