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animeo® LON Sensor Interface WM

The animeo® LON Sensor Interface WM is designed to bind various (weather) sensors to a LonWorks® system. Three individual analog sensors (e.g., global radiation, temperature, carbon dioxide or brightness) can be connected directly to the interface. Active sensors with 0…10V DC or 0…20mA DC output are supported. Further it is possible to connect additional Somfy sensors (8 sun sensors, 2 wind sensors, 1 wind direction sensor, 1 rain sensor, 1 outside temperature sensor) via animeo® Outside Sensor Box. The animeo® LON Sensor Interface WM is connected to a LonWorks system by a simple two-wire connection and can be programmed either through the LonWorks platform or though a simple PlugIn.

Technical data

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Contact data

Contact person: Francois Geriniere
Address: Meca 2 Cluses France
Phone number: +33450967000