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Developed for use in street lighting and lighting in the vicinity of buildings, the iLC uses standardized power line communication to control magnetic and electronic ballases with a 1-10V or a DALI interface.  The iPC operates with a standardized power line for communication purposes and enables control of magnetic and electronic ballasts fitted with a 1-10V/DALI interface.
Individually programmable and updateable, it performs all the tasks of a modern light management system and thus ensures a high degree of investment protection.  If the controller is temporarily operated in stand-alone mode or if the network is temporarily down due to maintenance work, the basic function parameters of the light management system will be retained for control purposes and with that will yield approximately the same energy savings without energy-consumption values being lost.

Technical data

Media channel: Powerline PL-20
Certified: yes
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Contact data

Contact person: Horst Kremer-Merseburg
Address: Wasenstr. 25 Urbach Germany
Phone number: +49283591625