Altos del Hipodrómo

Altos del Hipodrómo


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Year: 2014
Place: Madrid

One of the most ambitious residential projects in Spain is the Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood in which all 48 homes and private social club are automated, monitored, and centrally and remotely controlled. The client wanted to integrate all the various subsystems such as lighting, blinds, HVAC, heated floors, access control, intrusion and technical alarms in each of the homes and social club as well as incorporate street lighting control that could be scheduled and controlled by sunlight intensity level. The ultimate goal is for the entire neighborhood to be connected to a central supervision station where the security personnel can manage all the home alarms and each home featured an intuitive HMI where users could watch and control all the subsystems of the house.



ISDE Company, a LonWorks®–focused pioneer of home and building automation and street lighting, took the challenge of integrating hundreds of devices for the upscale neighborhood while keeping the cost at minimum. Per the client’s request, the comfort, security and sustainability features would be key selling points for buyers, making properties in this neighborhood much desired real estate. The client also requested that the project be accomplished by using an industry standard technology that would allow the use of the most advanced devices available at the present and for future expansion.

More than 2,000 controllers are installed throughout the property, making it one of the biggest residential automation projects using LonWorks® technology in Spain. Inside each home, residents can intuitively manage their environments (i.e., heated floors, HVAC, access control) via a touchscreen keypad and from a touchscreen tablet.



The user can also configure each element and variable, such as operation schedules, lighting level, temperature setting, etc. making the house as comfortable and adaptive to the preferences of each user. Each home can be controlled remotely by web page and SMS, allowing them to know what is happening inside the home from any part of the world.

All homes are connected to a central supervisor post, where the security personnel can monitor any technical and intrusion alarms for each home allowing for swift response time and action.

The integration process of all subsystems includes the following devices:

  • 49 subnets (48 three-level houses + one social club)
  • 2,026 control devices
  • 1,799 peripherals
  • 4,722 inputs
  • 3,573 outputs
  • 6,000 wire meters

In addition to the comfort and convenience it provides for each user, the integration and automation of the Altos del Hipódromo Neighborhood enjoys a savings of up to 20% in energy consumption (lighting dimming, motion sensors, etc.) and up to 25% in reduced maintenance cost thanks to the SmartServers which makes remote management possible. The complexity of this project proves the potential of the LonWorks technology and how its versatility made it easy to implement more than 2,000 control devices inside the complex.


Contact data

Manufacturer: ISDE
Contact person: César Martínez Fernández
Address: Ciudad de Frias, 21 Madrid Spain
Phone number: +34916437075