Educational Sessions 2023

Div 2525 Spec – Will this finally solve the industry’s interoperability problems?

The project, called Div 2525, is based on the Smarter Stack that was conceived and developed by the members of Monday Live! and the Coalition for Smarter Buildings. It promises to become the industry standard framework upon which Smart Buildings are built. Come learn about the project and find out how you can use it to your benefit!

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The Synergies of EnOcean Energy-Harvesting Technology and LonMark Open Interoperable Web Services

Speaker: Rich Blomseth, Enocean

This education session will cover how integrators can create sustainable buildings by leveraging the power of smart spaces, energy harvesting technology, and LonMark open interoperable web services. The session will describe the motivation for smart spaces in smart buildings, will describe how energy-harvesting sensors can reduce the cost of smart spaces and increase building sustainability, and will describe how integrators can use LonMark open standard web services to integrate smart spaces with existing building control systems.

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Accelerating Integration of Cloud-Based Building Analytics Solutions with Existing BCS

This education session will cover how integrators can effectively deliver solutions that improve workplace environments and exceed building owner sustainability goals. The session will describe how to integrate a wide range of cloud-based solutions for building control system analytics with existing building controls based on the BACnet or LON networking standards.

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Cost Effective IP-Based High-Speed Wireline Communication Technology

Control networks are becoming larger and more complex, placing tremendous demands on the underlying communications technology. System designers need solutions that can deliver higher bandwidths, provide ample overhead for security, support more nodes, and reliably communicate over long distances.

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