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Below you will find a variety of upcoming webinars part of a series called “Meet our Members.” All webinars are listed with a title, brief overview, a bio of each speaker and the link to register.

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Cybersecurity and Smart Cities and Buildings

“…there is a small – and rapidly closing – window to ensure that IoT is adopted in a way that maximizes security and minimizes risk. If the country fails to do so, it will be coping with the consequences for generations.“

US National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, (“NSTAC”)

While traditional information systems generally prioritize Confidentiality, then Integrity, and lastly Availability, control systems and IoT usually prioritize Availability first, then Integrity and lastly Confidentiality.

This webinar focuses on the complex challenges of balancing the benefits of technology confluence, device and data sharing with the ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks on networks and critical infrastructure.

Speaker: Corey Gray, LVX Global

Corey is CEO and Global Smart Cities/IoT Lead of LVX Global. LVX Global is an international advisory firm that provides vendor and contractor neutral services to the turn-key, whole of life engineered solutions market for the Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure Property sectors. With qualified and experienced staff in Australia, Europe and North America, LVX services the world’s largest assets and their owners and clients in over 1,000 existing buildings, cities, campuses and new projects each year. Corey leads the business in the areas of creative direction and technology design, development and implementation.

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