Meet Our Members Webinar Series

Below you will find a variety of upcoming webinars part of a series called “Meet our Members.” All webinars are listed with a title, brief overview, a bio of each speaker and the link to register.

The webinars will be recorded and once available will be posted to the LMI site.

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The Integration of Open Networking Protocols at the Edge Using Internet of Things Access Protocol (IAP)

Mark will discuss the need for a common interface layer between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in building automation and industrial control environments. He will provide an overview of the Internet Access Protocol (IAP) which provides this abstraction layer that are familiar to manufacturers/developers and integrators in both domains. An IAP approach helps protect the investment made in LON, BACnet and other OT networking protocols by making it simpler to extend and interface between old and new parts of a system. This has the potential to define a new era of interoperability for building management and other industrial systems as they extend to the IoT and realize the promise of Industry 4.0.

Speaker: Mark Buckland, Adesto

Mr. Mark Buckland joined Echelon Corporation in 1992 as a Senior Applications Engineer based in the UK.  He was appointed Manager of Customer Services for EMEA in 1998 and subsequently the Senior Solutions Architect for EMEA. Since Echelon was taken over by Adesto Technologies in 2018, Mr. Buckland has been the company’s Global IoT Product Manager. In addition to being involved in many product launches, he has consulted for customers and also taught about all aspects of LonWorks Technology to both integrators and OEMs Worldwide.

Prior to Echelon, Mr. Buckland served at MK Electric for ten years as a Senior Development Engineer working on hardware, software and ASIC design for a variety of control networking solutions.  While with MK Electric, he wrote the first version of what was to become the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines.  He previously served with Plessey Avionics and Communications working on military avionics.

Public Lighting Management :  The Way to your Smart City ?

Smart city is a today a buzzword heard everywhere. But what is exactly a smart city ? Why should cities become ‘smart cities’ ? And even more, how can they become a smart city ? François will explain how the public lighting management can be a basis of your future smart city and present a few examples of installations.

Speaker: Francois Achard, Citylone

François Achard is export sales manager for Citylone for 2 years ; in charge of developing export sales worldwide, he works with agents based in foreign countries. With the large panel of public lighting management solution Citylone offers, he can propose the best solution adapted to the need of the city or the country.

ANSI/CTA 709.8 High-Speed Network Design Guideline – Part 1

The lecture consists of 2 parts. In the first webinar, audience will get what ANSI/CTA 709.8 High-speed network is. Comparison amongst other technologies, its application, and evaluation kit for practical environment will be discussed. In the second webinar, simple/basic theory and how to design ANST/CTA 709.8 High-speed Network will be provided. Some technique with actual installations will be shown too

Speaker: Masa Konishi, Megachips

Masa Konishi is a General Manager, Networking Infrastructure BU of MegaChips. Masa has more than 25 years’ experience in the high-tech sector, and is a key contributor to various wireline communication productization and its advancement

To register for the event please use the link below

Date and Time: Thursday July 9, 9:00 CET


What are the Absolute Technical Requirements for a Smart City Solution?

Everything a city needs to enable smart streetlighting, wastebin management, traffic management and full scale energy savings.

Speaker: Jörg Schneck, Vossloh Schwabe

Jörg Schneck took up the position of Field Application Engineer at Echelon in 2000, where he was responsible for the German speaking countries and Eastern Europe. Echelon was a key player in the development of powerline for smart metering and offered a well established technology platform for smart network devices like streetlight control. In 2006 Jörg joined Siteco Control where he was responsible for the business development as well as for the marketing and sales activities for the streetlight management system. In 2011 Jörg joined Vossloh Schwabe – a 100% subsidiary of Panasonic – and as General Manager he is responsible for the sales and marketing activities within the light management group.

To register for the event please use the link below

Date and Time: Thursday July 16, 17:00 CET