Technical Resources

Developer Guides

These include the well-known LonMark Interoperability Guidelines as well as other guides for device creation that you may not get with a development tool package.

Online Resource Files

Templates defining the network inputs and outputs of a specific function, as well as the configuration properties like rates, limits, and defaults. They are core elements of a LonMark device.

Resource Files

Resource files contain definitions of functional profiles, network variables types, configuration property types, and enumerations.

Manufacturer ID

Standard Manufacturer IDs are assigned to manufacturers upon request when they join LonMark International and are then published by LonMark International so that the device manufacturer of a LonMark Certified device is easily identified.

Certification Program

LONMARK® International is widely recognized for its certification programs.  Through user and industry participation, LONMARK produces standards that reflect practical market requirements and provide a warranty of conformance for products, services, and business practices.