LonMark Interoperability Guidelines

LonMark Interoperability Guidelines help manufacturers build interoperable LonMark products based upon LonWorks technology; the ANSI/CEA-709.1 control-networking protocol.

LonMark Application-Layer Interoperability Guidelines
LonMark Layer 1-6 Interoperability Guidelines

LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide

Describes the content and structure of a device interface (.XIF) file.

  • LonMark Device Interface Files Reference Guide; version 4.501, updated 2020-12-15
LonMark Device Interface File Reference Guide

Resource File Application Programming Interface (only for porting)


The latest release of the LonMark Resource File API for porting.

This is the current release of the RF API source code.  This new release (compatible and installed with the v14.00 LMRFs in executable form) is backward-compatible with previous versions.

Need to port the read-only API interface to a non- Windows OS platform?

All the header files are available in this separate ZIP archive.

Includes Windows OS DLL libraries for reading and writing and includes ANSI® C source code to port the read portion of the same API to other platforms and read versions 1-6 type files, versions 1-5 functional profiles, and versions 1-3 language files in LonMark resource files.

Download this API only if you need to port the API to a different, unsupported platform. All run-time, Windows OS DLL API libraries are installed with the 12.00, 12.11, and 13.xx, and 14.00 LonMark Resource Files’ installers and do not need this API to be ported for the resource files to be readable in Windows.

See the RFAPI 2.41 “ReadMe” for additional information.

Resource File Aplication Programming Interface

Standard Transceiver List

Describes the transceiver-channel parameters, standard transceiver- type IDs, standard transceiver IDs, and channel-type IDs for all LonMark channels as well as some channels that are not LonMark Approved.

  • stdXcvr.xml – File describing channels and transceivers. Used in development and integration tools, version, updated 2006-06-21.
Standard Transceiver List