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LONMARK’s Professional Certification Programs—comprised of the LONMARK Certified Professional (LCP) and LonMark Certified System Integrator (LM-CSI)—has provided a comprehensive professional education and testing program for manufactures, integrators, and end users involved in the design, specification, integration, installation, or maintenance of LONWORKS control networks.

These programs establish a proficiency standard to assure end-users that they have access to a resource pool of professionals with industry knowledge and experience.  More and more end-users, project developers, specifiers, and planners are requiring LONMARK Certified Professionals for their projects because they are confident in their fundamental knowledge of LONWORKS technology and LONMARK Open Systems.

Program Benefits

Being a Certified Professional from industry-leading LONMARK International affords the professional substantial competitive advantages.

Benefits include:

  • Premium visibility in the LONMARK Certified Professional online directory
  • Use of LONMARK Certified Professional logo on your business card and collateral
  • Free promotion of case studies and success stories
  • Increased brand awareness through the association’s promotional efforts
  • Invitation to speak at trade events and on webinars

Proficiency Testing Program for Qualified Open Systems Installers, Professionals and Integrators

The certification process requires each individual prepare for and take a comprehensive test that incorporates the most important elements of the technology.  The test is online worldwide in multiple languages.  The Proficiency Testing Program for qualified open systems installers, professionals and integrators provides a worldwide standard of proficiency for individuals that install, integrate and maintain systems utilizing LONMARK certified products.

LONMARK Certified Professional Training

Individuals interested in becoming a LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) can attend a training course via the Internet or for larger groups through our on-side training program. For more information on our Internet training course contact us directly via email at

LCP test candidates can leverage a number of existing education programs supported around the globe.  For example, the LONWORKS Installation Handbook is available to assist candidates in preparing for the LCP exam.  Additional sources of preparation are available through other publications and through standard courses offered by a variety of providers worldwide.

To register to take the test, please send us a mail to

To view a listing of individuals who have passed the program requirements, visit the LonMark Certified Professional section.

Once you have successfully taken the LONMARK Certified Professional test you are eligible to use the LONMARK Certified Professional logo on your business cards, to learn more about logo usage read LCP Logo License Agreement

LonMark Certified Professional Program Brochure Download
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Introduction to LonWorks and the LonMark Certified Professional Refresher Class

The LonWorks training program consists of an introduction to LonWorks module followed by 12 course modules that align to the LonWorks Installation Handbook Version 3. Each module contains a lecture where students will review key proficiency topics required by the LCP program. It is recommended students have some familiarity with LonWorks and have read the LonWorks Installation Handbook. After each video module, students are encouraged to review the associated chapter in the book and then proceed to the next module. Additional reading assignments accompany several of the modules.

Being self-paced allows students to take as long as needed to review the modules, even repeat modules, pause and skip backward or forward using the built in video controls. On average an estimated time for the preparation and to complete the program is approximately four to five hours.

LonMark International offers no guarantee that by undertaking the refresher course, the individuals will pass the LonMark Professional Certification test. The refresher course is designed to provide the individuals with additional training to support and re-enforce the knowledge they should already have before taking the exam.

The refresher class is available in English only. Students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Refresher Course Price: $395 

The LonMark Certified Professional Test

Upon completion of the training class, students are prepared for the LCP test. The LCP test has a  two- hour limit and consists of 120 questions covering the key proficiency topics required by LonMark International. Upon completion of the test, students are immediately notified of their score. If a passing score is achieved, students are sent their LCP Credential by email within seven business days and their information is added to the LonMark web site within 14 business days. See this link for a current list of LonMark Professionals.

The test is available in English, Spanish and German. Training partners in Germany and Spanish speaking countries are available to teach classroom based courses in preparation for the LCP test. We anticipate having the online refresher class available in German and Spanish soon.

LCP Test Price: $375 


Registration for the training and the test are easier too. Simply request a registration ID from and an email will be sent to you with instructions.

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