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Smart Cities are a prime focus for LonMark International. Our strong support for the outdoor lighting market has enabled many new applications that are utilizing the existing control networking infrastructure of the smart city street lighting backbone. Municipalities worldwide are discovering the benefits of intelligent city infrastructure networks to reduce their network costs while improving light efficiency and safety.

It’s now becoming strategic and compelling for cities to implement solutions to measure, analyze, and reduce electricity use in order to reduce energy spending, decrease maintenance costs, challenge their electricity providers, and contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. This infrastructure is now enabling a wide variety of valuable applications including environmental sensors; smart parking systems to reduce urban congestion, emergency service coordination, advanced security services, and many more.

The LonMark Smart City Council (SCC) was formed to address the needs of smart city planners, managers, and solution providers. The key objectives of the Smart City Council are defined in the committee charter and we invite all to engage in this effort.

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Smart City Areas

Smart Streetlighting

Streetlights are among a city’s strategic assets: providing safe roads, inviting public areas, and enhanced security in homes, businesses, and city centers.

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Smart Building

Energy Efficiency through Intelligent Control Reducing energy consumption requires knowing both how and when to control.