Certification Programs

LONMARK® International is widely recognized for its certification programs for products, individuals and integrators supporting the international ISO/IEC 14908-x family of control-networking standards.  Through user and industry participation, LONMARK produces standards that reflect practical market requirements and provide a warranty of conformance for products, services, and business practices.

Certification Program

LonMark Device Certification

Compliant products display the distinctive LONMARK logo.  Be cautious of products advertised as “LONMARK Compatible” or “LONMARK Compliant”.  Products that do not contain the LONMARK logo have NOT been independently tested and certified by LONMARK International.  Trust the LONMARK Logo and certification to ensure that all products in a system will interoperate in the most efficient way possible.


LonMark Certified Professional

Become a world-class professional and resource to your customers, colleagues, and company by enrolling in The LonMark Certified Professional program.  This program has certified more than 500 individuals and provides the credentials associated with fundamental knowledge of LONWORKS® technology, including terminology, basic architecture, network-management tools, basic network engineering, system design, configuration, wiring, termination, routers, network interfaces, advanced system diagnostics, and HMI integration. This certification applies to network-integration individuals, such as HVAC, lighting, security, and building-automation and controls engineers.


LonMark Certified Systemintegrator

Looking for an effective way to communicate corporate responsibility and dedication to sustainability practices? The LonMark Certified System Integrator Program provides an industry pool of seasoned, professional integration firms that are highly trained and proficient in the planning, development, installation, and support of integrated systems.  Companies participating in the program must have at least two employees with LONMARK Certified Professional credentials, technical competency involving ISO/IEC 14908-1 control networks, and project references.

Product Certification

Gain a competitive advantage by providing end-users the confidence your products will perform in a real world environment.  Since 1995, LONMARK International has a proven track record of accelerating market adoption through the certification of products.  Successful implementation of a multi-vendor control network requires devices from multiple manufacturers to work together or “interoperate” without the need for costly gateways and controllers.

LonMark Certification Tool

Certifying products is now easier than ever. The LonMark Certification Tool (LCT) is a web-based tool designed to speed the time and reduce the cost of certifying devices.

Demand for open, LonMark certified products is growing rapidly. Now you can capitalize on the growing demand for certified products by certifying your products. Products that have been verified to conform to LonMark interoperability guidelines are eligible to carry the LonMark logo. Displaying the LonMark logo on your products is an indicator that they have completed the LonMark certification tests and have been designed to interoperate with other LonMark certified products.

Design LonMark Certification Right Into Your Products

The number of applications for LonMark certification is growing rapidly. To make sure your products are on-track for certification, design conformance into them by following the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines v3.4.


The LCT is now available to all LonMark Sponsor and Partner members that manufacture devices or controllers. The tool provides members with a friendly user interface that guides them through the certification process using an intuitive checklist. In addition to testing the usual device-interface file and device resource files associated with certification, the tool supports physical testing of a device as well.

Licensed users of the tool will be able to conduct the entire certification process online, and a web-based payment system is on its way to allow certification-testing payments to be made online.

The web-based, browser-embedded tool is maintained by LonMark International; ensuring that the submitting company is always using the latest version of the software. A small executable file is downloaded from the tool to test the physical network interface of the device using off-the-shelf interface cards for the PC running the tests. The online part of the tool will let the submitter know if they have downloaded the latest physical testing utility.

You have questions?

LonMark Certification Tool Details

The Startingpoint

Companies developing interoperable products are encouraged to follow the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines. Application-specific Functional Profiles can be reviewed at the the Functional Profiles page. This information will help you through the development process.


You must be a LonMark International Partner or Sponsor Member in good standing in order to access the Web-based LonMark Certification Tool (LCT).  If you are not yet a LonMark member, membership information and an application form can be found in the Membership section of this website


In order to access the LCT and create a Certification Project, testing fees must be pre-paid.
The Testing Fees are as follows:


Product Fees
Annual Tool License
US$ 2000
New Certification
US$  200
Upgrades (devices replacing older devices)
US$  100
Administrative Changes
US$  100

Use guidelines for your design

The number of applications for LonMark certification is growing rapidly. To make sure your products are on-track for certification, design conformance into them by following the LonMark Interoperability Guidelines v3.4


LonMark Certified Products