Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things is really control networking 2.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is the hottest Internet category today. Within the IoT, the largest segment in the near future will comprise “industrial” applications: everything from building automation, industrial automation, and lighting to commercial transportation, smart cards, test and measurement, and the energy grid.

Deliver the Promise of the IoT

Just look at our track record. We’ve been providing industrial IoT solutions for 30 years, and have over 150 million devices deployed around the world! Flexible solutions ideal for diverse applications and critical infrastructure. Proven solutions that scale from small projects to city-wide networks. Complete solutions with wired and wireless compatibility, and connectivity from edge devices all the way to the cloud.
We save you time, too, with powerful tools that speed development so you can bring new products to market faster. And our open platform software makes integration simple and deployments easy.
From communications chipsets to programmable edge servers with multi-protocol and multi-media capabilities, we have a complete set of tools for building and
industrial automation.

  • Edge-to-edge and edge-to-cloud connectivity protocol that enables distributed intelligence and peer-to-peer control for the most reliable and flexible deployments
  • Open multi-protocol system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and development tools specifically designed for Industrial IoT edge devices that ensure fast development and reliable products
  • Programmable edge servers, routers and network interfaces to easily and securely access data from edge devices
  • Platform software and integration tools to design, provision and manage the entire IoT network
You have questions?


We’re here to help with reliable, extensible, scalable and interoperable end-to-end IoT solutions. Contact us to discuss product design or integration challenges for applications such as:

Building Systems

  • HVAC and room controls
  • Elevator/escalator controls
  • Fire and security systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Energy management

Smart Cities and Infrastructure

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Smart grid
  • Tunnel controls
  • Horticulture and aquaculture systems

Industrial Systems

  • Process control
  • Sound masking and paging
  • Train and transportation Systems
  • Industrial equipment controls
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Environmental monitoring