For more then two decades, LonMark International, a non-profit, mutual-benefit trade association, has been a driving force in setting and promoting interoperability standards in a wide variety of control applications. Millions of LonMark certified devices and tens of thousands of systems have been installed worldwide.

Join LonMark International and you can help shape the future of how open, interoperable systems are defined, specified, and used. Become part of a growing LonMark open systems community.

Why Should I Join?

  • Increase your market opportunity and become part of a networked, standards-based world with LonMark International branded products;
  • Forge new alliances with complementary product and service providers;
  • Build products that are certified to the LonMark International standards;
  • Make sure your requirements are heard and vendors build the products and solutions you need;
  • Demonstrate to your customers your commitment to building open systems tailored to their needs;
  • Build a network of resources and relationships with product and service providers;
  • Access to competitive bidders for the products and services you want in your systems;
  • Shape your industry’s future by helping develop and promote open standards.

Membership Categories & Benefits


Sponsor members represent manufacturers, end users, equipment specifiers and system integrators. Sponsor members take a leadership role in developing the market for open, interoperable products based on LonWorks® technology and, as such make a bigger resource and financial commitment to LonMark International. All Sponsor members sit on the LonMark Board of Directors.

The Value of Sponsor Membership


Partner members represent manufacturers of LonMark certified products. Partner members can participate in task groups and submit products for LonMark conformance testing.

The Value of Partner Membership


Associate members represent companies and organizations that do not manufacture LonMark certified products but use, integrate, develop or distribute them. This group includes system integrators, network integrators, LonWorks® Independent Developers (LIDs) and distributors. Associate members can participate in task groups but do not submit products for LonMark conformance testing.

The Value of Associate Membership


Individual members represent end-users, equipment specifiers, consultants, non-profit organizations, government, educational and research institutions. Individual members can participate in task groups, but do not submit products for LonMark conformance testing.

Member Benefits List

Download a list with a comparison of all member categories

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Membership Fees

LonMark International sponsors a variety of programs to build brand recognition for the LonMark logo and increase awareness of the merits of interoperable products. Funding for promotional programs is provided by the annual membership fees from LonMark members. LonMark International has produced industry specific brochures, videos, publishes its own magazine and newsletter, and owns a tradeshow booth. LonMark International also supports this worldwide web site which is used to facilitate communication between members and provide a communication channel to the industry at large. Membership fees are determined by the membership level.

LonMark Sponsor
US$20,000 per year
LonMark Partner
US$5,000 per year*
LonMark Associate
US$1,000 per year*
LonMark Individual
US$200 per year*

*Save 50% through Affiliate Membership. Corporate members joining LonMark International through an authorized affiliate organization at the Partner, Associate or Individual level can save 50% on their LonMark International membership dues. Affiliate membership dues may apply. For a complete list of authorized LonMark Affiliates, please click here. Please check with your local affiliate organization for more information.

LMI Bylaw

Membership Application

Are you ready to join the growing membership of LonMark International?  Joining is easy. Simply download the LonMark International Membership Information and Application Form using the link below, and submit your application today.

LonMark International Membership Information and Application Form
The LonMark International Membership Information and Application Form can be viewed using an application that is Microsoft Office® -aware.  Please contact us for other formats if needed.

Please download, complete, and then return the form my postal mail, fax, or electronically via email with the appropriate payment chosen in the appropriate method.