Educational Sessions 2020

Educational Sessions

Below you will find the presentations from this year educational sessions.

Controls Networking and Automation in the IOT Age

Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) are central to the discussion on IOT strategies for Smart Buildings. In this education session, we review the state of BACS systems and how they will need to evolve to interoperate with the next generations of sensors, cloud technologies and AI/ML inference engines to realize the promise of IOT. We will cover multi field protocol compatibility, open web services integration, and data interoperability with IT and enterprise systems.

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Advanced High-speed Power Line Communication Technology for Smart Cities and Buildings

The New ANSI/CTA 709.8 is a high-speed media channel for control networking based on the ANSI/CTA 709.1 series of standards. In this session the audience will hear a comparison of various wireline communication technologies. The session will also include the following topics:

  • New ANSI/CTA 709.8 advanced high-speed wireline communication technology overview
  • LON over HD-PLC overview
  • BACnet over HD-PLC overview
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Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and the Smart Grid

In this session, the audience will hear about the latest Smart Grid regulations that filter down into building controls and building codes. California Title 24, applicable for commercial buildings over 10,000 sqft, requires demand response capabilities. Building controls that can seamlessly communicate with both, the end devices and the grid,
will be the key to future successes.

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Disrupting Technology with a Sustainable 100-Year Building Automation Control Network

This session will provide exclusive insight on the following topics:

  • Use revolutionary communication architecture to support multiple protocols and create a BAS system with no end of life.
  • Learn how to retrofit an existing building to a state of the art system, while utilizing all of your existing communications wiring.
  • Contain monetary expenses by eliminating planned and forced BAS system obsolescence.
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Demonstrating a Sustainable 100-Year Building Automation Control Network

This session will expose how to utilize multi-protocols over existing building infrastructure to future proof your automation system.

Cyber Security and IT Integration for Commercial Buildings

Building automation rarely exists these days without a connection to some kind of IT infrastructure. In fact, the line between IT networks and building automation networks is often hard to identify and largely depends on the definition to which you or your business subscribes. As IT integration becomes a larger piece of commercial building automation and integration, cyber security also becomes more important. This session will provide examples, architectures and insight into today’s best practices. Join us to learn how to keep your business, your systems and your customers safer from the inevitability of cyber threats and attacks.

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