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System Integrator

The demand for safer, greener, energy efficient buildings has never been greater, and the requirement for the integrator to deliver a cost-effective and future-proof solution groths day by day.


 LonMark offers since more then 20 years Guidelines and Specification for devlopers. Find at the following pages our developer guidelines and usefull tools to builde interoperable devices

Goverment, Cities & Municipalities

Delivering safe, resilient, beautiful and functional cities and infrastructure for its people is a government and city’s key objective. Today thanks to the IoT and Smart City revolution unique opportunities exist to innovate and enhance outcomes for the world’s 7.5 billion people, and our myriad challenges.

Education and Research Institution

In high-paced, rapidly changing industries such as technology, IoT and smart cities, strong engagement with education and research institutions is fundamental to ensure that the jobs and functions of tomorrow are being prepared for today.


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One of LonMark’s fundamental purposes is in providing direction to members and the general public—whether that’s for device creation or network integration, standardization or creating a plan for an integration specification.

News & Press

  • San Ramon, CA, January 14, 2021– LonMark International (LMI) today announced that LVX Global, a strategy, engineering, and project management business providing end to end solutions for smart cities, smart buildings and IoT, has upgraded its membership to Sponsor Level. Mark Verheyen, President of LVX......

  • A hotel is one of the most demanding buildings from the automation point of view, it needs “real-time” systems working all together to solve every need about access control, HVAC, lighting, smart metering and technical elements in the most possible efficient way. HOTELON by ISDE......

  • LonMark International (LMI) has generated renewed momentum with a refreshed strategy, vision and value proposition. This support has been echoed by the completion of a robust six-month webinar series which included participation by the following LMI members: Dialog, BeeZeeLinx, Gesytec, Megachips, Occitaline, LVX Global, and......

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