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Place: Brasov, Romania

Located in the central part of Romania, Brasov is one of the most important economic, touristic and cultural city of the country. Fringed by the peaks of the Southern Carpathian Mountains and resplendent with gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture, as well as a wealth of historical attractions, Brasov is today one of the best touristic center of Romania.

The Challenge

Having an intelligent street lighting management system to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, improving the maintenance quality and repair times but also increasing the safety of the population was the dare of this project. In the meantime, we were not allowed any civil works for the system’s installation, as this had to be done in the most unobtrusive manner possible, without altering the main features of the public lighting and without affecting the city’s historical heritage.

The Solution

The system was designed and developed to meet the specific needs of the city and to allow the installation of additional Smart City applications. As the inteliLIGHT® solution is based on open protocols, it provides complete compatibility and interoperability with multiple vendor agnostic controllers, sensors and countless Smart applications. To meet the requirements, the project in Brasov included the implementation of the inteliLIGHT® system over a large variety of street lighting fixtures, as well as Smart applications as environmental sensors, video cameras, panic buttons, and a municipality-wide Wi-Fi MESH network.

For the Brasov project, Flashnet incorporated alongside inteliLIGHT devices different equipment produced by Apanet (environmental sensors), ADIC (electronic ballast with integrated control), Echelon (smart servers and electronic ballast controllers), Mobotix (video surveillance cameras) and 2N Telekomunikace (panic buttons), in order to deliver a fully integrated solution, ensuring that Brasov will have a state of the art Street Lighting Remote Management Solution and Smart City Platform.

The Result

By the end of 2014, 11.064 street lighting fixtures across all the 399 streets of Brasov will be remotely controlled by the inteliLIGHT® solution. As a direct result of the inteliLIGHT® modular implementation procedure, the energy costs are already reduced by an estimated 30% for the upgraded street lighting segments. In addition, when the system will be fully implemented, overall operational costs are also expected to decrease by up to 42% through detailed city-wide maintenance and preventive grid interventions. Overall community safety is increased through surveillance cameras and panic alert buttons.
Through an open solution the city consumes less energy and resources, while people feel safer and businesses thrive.
The average energy consumption during 24h [kWh]

Before installation 2.388 [kWh]

After installation 1.695,48 [kWh]

Savings  692,52 [kWh]

Contact data

Manufacturer: Flashnet S.A.
Contact person: Lorand Mozes
Address: Fundatura Harmanului str, 4A Brasov Romania
Phone number: +40268334335