Reunion hospital

Reunion hospital


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Year: 2020
Place: Réunion Island
Products: SL21-EDA-ECS-M-TTL

Key Points

  • 86 lighting points equipped with SL21-EDA-ECS-M-TTL controllers
  • Two segment controllers iLon from Adesto
  • 40 percent energy savings despite an increase of lighting points (in order to comply with the regulation) The cost of electricity consumption for public lighting has become a concern for the Hospital complex in the South of the Réunion Island, located west of the Indian Ocean. As a result the decision was made to completely renovate the outside lighting for two of its outdated sites.

The project had three mains objectives to take into consideration:

  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Regulatory policy

A remote controlled management system from Citylone was deployed and integrated into the centralized technical management of the buildings, in order to have one supervision. The system integrated a segment controller, which includes an astronomical clock, combined with a system for light dimming, based on operating hours.
During off-peak hours, the lighting is set on a lower level. Sensors have been placed on the pole which allow lighting to significantly increase every time someone is detected. A supervisory system controls the data in order to check if the planned objectives have been reached, to receive alarms as well as plan maintenance.
In the near future, a video monitoring system could be added for supervision. Even though the number of lighting points has been increased to comply with local regulations, Citylone’s installation has reduced energy consumption by 40 percent.
Reunion Hospital group has received the following recognition “Coup de Coeur du jury” by the French Lighting association (AFE) in September 2019 for this installation.


About Citylone

Citylone is a French based company dedicated to outdoor lighting and smart city management.
Citylone helps cities to save energy, plan maintenance and be aware of failures of their public lighting. Outdoor lighting
management will also help you to protect environment thanks to diming in the middle of the night or lighting only when needed with sensors.

Our solutions, from local to connected, PLC to radio, will answer to your needs. From design to manufacturing, sales and training, Citylone’s teams are involved in the success of your installation.

Contact data

Manufacturer: Citylone
Contact person: Francois Achard
Address: ZA des Andrés Brindas France
Phone number: +33478456565