Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 27
Headerfile: snvt_fi.h
FI_NUL-1Invalid Value.
FI_UNDEFINED0Initiator is undefined.
FI_THERMAL_FIXED1Initiator is thermal fixed (heat)
FI_SMOKE_ION2Initiator is smoke and ion.
FI_MULTI_ION_THERMAL3Initiator is multi-ion and thermal.
FI_SMOKE_PHOTO4Initiator is smoke and photo.
FI_MULTI_PHOTO_THERMAL5Initiator is multi-photo and thermal.
FI_MULTI_PHOTO_ION6Initiator is multi-photo and ion.
FI_MULTI_PHOTO_ION_THERMAL7Initiator is multi-photo, ion and thermal.
FI_THERMAL_ROR8Initiator is thermal fixed and Rate of Rise.
FI_MULTI_THERMAL_ROR9Initiator is multi-thermal and Rate of Rise.
FI_MANUAL_PULL10Initiator is manual pull.
FI_WATER_FLOW11Initiator is water flow.
FI_WATER_FLOW_TAMPER12Initiator is water flow and tamper.
FI_STATUS_ONLY13Initiator is status only.
FI_MANUAL_CALL14Initiator is a manual call point.
FI_FIREMAN_CALL15Initiator is a fireman call point.
FI_UNIVERSAL16General purpose initiator definition.
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