Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 10
Headerfile: snvt_rq.h
RQ_NUL-1Invalid Value.
RQ_NORMAL0Enable object and remove override.
RQ_DISABLED1Disable object.
RQ_UPDATE_STATUS2Report object status.
RQ_SELF_TEST3Perform object self-test.
RQ_UPDATE_ALARM4Update alarm status.
RQ_REPORT_MASK5Report status bit mask.
RQ_OVERRIDE6Override object.
RQ_ENABLE7Enable object.
RQ_RMV_OVERRIDE8Remove object override.
RQ_CLEAR_STATUS9Clear object status.
RQ_CLEAR_ALARM10Clear object alarm.
RQ_ALARM_NOTIFY_ENABLED11Enable alarm notification.
RQ_ALARM_NOTIFY_DISABLED12Disable alarm notification.
RQ_MANUAL_CTRL13Enable object for manual control.
RQ_REMOTE_CTRL14Enable object for remote control.
RQ_PROGRAM15Enable programming of special configuration properties.
RQ_CLEAR_RESET16Clear reset-complete flag (reset_complete)
RQ_RESET17Execute reset-sequence of object.
RQ_CLEAR_LOG18Clear data log.
RQ_LOAD_PROGRAM19Load the program specified in SCPTprogSelect.
RQ_RUN_PROGRAM20Run the currently loaded program. If the program was halted manually, this will resume running from the point is was halted.
RQ_HALT_PROGRAM21Halt the currently loaded program. This will preserve the program state and a subsequent Run command will resume the program from where it was halted.
RQ_RESTART_PROGRAM22Restart the currently loaded program from the beginning.
RQ_UNLOAD_PROGRAM23Unload the currently loaded program.
RQ_STEP_PROGRAM24 Executes the next logical operation (line, statement, instruction, logic block, etc.) of the currently loaded program. The program state must be "idle" or "halted" to accept this command, otherwise it will be ignored. The program returns to "halted" state after execution of this command.
Used by:

SCPTprogCmdHistory  SNVT_obj_request