Resource Set: Standard 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00-0
Index: 17
Headerfile: snvt_sc.h
SC_NUL-1Invalid value.
SC_RECALL0Recall a specified scene.
SC_LEARN1Store the current setting in the specified scene.
SC_DISPLAY2Display the current scene.
SC_GROUP_OFF3Report current group is off.
SC_GROUP_ON4Report current group is on.
SC_STATUS_OFF5Report current status is off.
SC_STATUS_ON6Report current status is on.
SC_STATUS_MIXED7Report current status is mixed.
SC_GROUP_STATUS8Get group status.
SC_FLICK9Toggle state off and then on.
SC_TIMEOUT10Report a timeout occured.
SC_TIMEOUT_FLICK11Report a timeout occured for a flick warning.
SC_DELAYOFF12Set the state to off after a delay.
SC_DELAYOFF_FLICK13Flick and then set the state to off after a delay.
SC_DELAYON14Set the state to on after a delay.
SC_ENABLE_GROUP15Enable the current group.
SC_DISABLE_GROUP16Disable the current group.
SC_CLEANON17Recall the cleaning scene.
SC_CLEANOFF18Restore the previous scene.
SC_WINK19Toggle to the opposite state and then restore the state.
SC_RESET20Restore the factory default scene table.
SC_MODE121Manufacturer-specific mode 1.
SC_MODE222Manufacturer-specific mode 2.
SC_MODE323Manufacturer-specific mode 3.
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