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APC300EAC – Elevator Access Controller

Circon’s Access Control System is the first solution that combines an ANSI 709.1 hardware platform with an LNS® Turbo based software interface to provide a complete, scalable and interoperable access control management system for any facility. The APC-300-EAC makes intelligent decisions, independently of the host PC, for up to 10,000 access users. The APC-300-EAC provides complete access control, in one elevator cab, for 32 floors or call buttons. A dry contact interface to the elevator control system allows call buttons to be enabled and disabled. Optional call button feedback allows the APC-300- EAC to detect and log the selected floor. An external I/O device is needed to control more than four call buttons. LNS plug-ins provide an intuitive interface for adapting the APC-300-EAC platform to the building elevator control system, allowing the APC-300-EAC to integrate easily with any LonWorks® controller and LNS based system. The APC-300-EAC supports facility operators in managing their security requirements with the accompanying Circon access control software, Access Integrator 3 (AI 3). This complete access control interface package allows the creation and administration of a diverse SQL database unique to any facility or enterprise. AI 3 can manage an infinite number of access users who can be grouped and scheduled to fit your facility’s requirements. AI 3 can be tailored to specific system-users, whether as a graphical interface with alarm and event management, as a report server, or as a simple-to-use access database administration tool. AI 3 works with LonWorks technology-based graphical interfaces and is fully capable of launching LNS based plug-ins without the need for a network management tool. With multi-tenant support in a single facility or across an entire enterprise with multiple LNS databases, AI 3 consolidates the information within a single, self-contained interface. AI 3 and the APC-300-EAC allow LonWorks based control systems and system integrators who maintain them to embrace access control opportunities in today’s facilities. Contact Circon Customer Service and Inside Sales at 800.338.1866 to learn more about these products and how access control can add value to your business.

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